Volunteers Needed

Posted by admin | July 31, 2011


Michigan State University is looking for volunteers to appear at college nights in your local area to make more potential students aware of the opportunity to be a Spartan.

Can You Help?

We need your help to serve as an Alumni admissions volunteer in recruiting qualified students for Michigan State.  It is the “personal touch” by alumni volunteers that often encourages a student to apply to Michigan State and accept an offer of admission. As an MSU Alumnus letting the best high school students in your area know about Michigan State is one of the best things you can do to help MSU. You will find it fun to speak about Michigan State and have the opportunity to learn more about what is going on now at MSU.

Generally, college nights are held from September through November and again from March until May. You will be contacted once dates have been established for targeted schools in your area to see if you are available. Your suggestions of schools to target in your local area are always welcome. We will send you information ahead of time so you can become aware of the most common questions from prospective students and their parents. You will also be sent materials that you will provide to prospective students so they can learn more about Michigan State.

Please send me a note if you would like to represent Michigan State University and help to recruit talented students at a local college night in your area. Send your email to Larry Alterman at lsalter@msu.edu.