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March 18th is National Bracket Day, so join other MSU alums and in our free bracket group through Yahoo! Sports. Learn more about the teams the Spartans will face through the tournament, see if you can pick this year’s bracket busters, and Go Green!

To join, visit our page on Yahoo!

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Bill and Joanne Church 




Spartans traveled from North America to Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific to proudly display their I Spartan NY T-Shirts and the winners of our T-Shirt Contest have been announced:

1st Place for Most Unusual
Bill and Joanne Church (see above)
Taken at the Temple and Alter of Asklepios on the Isle of Kos, Greece where Hippocrates taught and healed.

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2012 Travel T-shirt Contest 




Where in the world have you been wearing your “I Spartan NY” T-shirt?

We’re looking for the best photos from around the world of people wearing our Club’s signature T-shirt. Submit your best pictures in our 2 prize categories: farthest away from New York City and the most unusual place.

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MSU Alumni Club of Greater NY T-Shirt Design Contest 




The MSU Alumni Club of Greater NY is looking to YOU for our latest limited-edition Spartan basketball T-shirt design.

Proceeds from the sale of these shirts benefit our club’s endowed scholarship fund.

Have a great idea? Submit your designs by sharing on our Facebook wall.

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