Recap: Tigers vs. Yankees Game

Posted by Pat Donohue | May 01, 2012

MSU Spartans at Yankee Stadium 

New York Spartans from across all five boroughs braved the chilly temperatures on Saturday, April 28, and made the trip to Yankee Stadium to cheer on the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers, who ultimately beat their pin-striped opponents 7-5, ended their 5-game losing streak, ticking off many a spirited Yankee fan in the process.

Amid the chants of ‘Eat em up, Tigers,’ a few Spartans couldn’t resist a little ‘Go Green, Go White,’ provoking throngs of fans scattered across the grandstand to join in.

Spartans, Detroit baseball and $12 beers…does it get any better?

Go Green! Go White! Go TIGERS!

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