Recap: 2016 Annual Spartan Family Picnic

Posted by admin | August 09, 2016


New York-area Spartans gathered in Central Park’s Ross Pinetum on Sunday, August 7, 2016 for the MSU Alumni Club of Greater New York’s annual family picnic. The event had our largest showing yet, with 51 Spartans in attendance.

Current board members, including club president Jason Johnson, local MSU alumni and several current students and incoming freshman all came out to the park to mingle and network on a beautiful summer day.

After a brief greeting from Jason during which he welcomed everyone to the event and shared details of other upcoming club activities, everyone sang the fight song, and students received care packages consisting of MSU Alumni Club of Greater New York T-shirts and other MSU Alumni information.

Throughout the picnic, guests enjoyed sandwiches, salads, Spartan-head cookies and other delicious treats that were made by participating board members and families.

Great weather, good food and a mix of both old and new Spartans made for another memorable family picnic.

See pictures from our 2016 Spartan Family Picnic.