Recap: 2014 Bronx Zoo Tour

Posted by Pat Donohue | June 23, 2014


This past Saturday morning, with beautiful weather in the mid 70’s and low humidity, a group of Spartans journeyed to the Bronx Zoo for a “fun-formational” tour led by zoo enthusiast and chapter president, Greg Hauser. Greg admits that zoo visits were a highlight of his childhood, prompting him to earn his degree in Zoology from Michigan State. The Bronx Zoo is part of the Wildlife Conservation Society along with the zoos in Central Park, Prospect Park and Queens and the New York Aquarium on Coney Island. One of the largest metropolitan zoos with over 600 species of animals, Fordham University sold the 265 acres to the City of New York for only $1,000 under the condition that it would be used as zoo and garden. It was designed to be as a natural buffer between the university and ongoing urban expansion.

After a planned meeting in front of the Camel Ride, our group hopped on the Wild Asia Monorail (“before the lines get crazy”) which takes passengers through 60 acres of the park. Greg then led attendees on a walking tour through the African Plains where we hung out with some zebras, snakes, primates, flamingos and reptiles with a stop at the Congo Gorilla Forest before breaking for lunch at the Dancing Crane Café.

In addition to paying a visit to resident gorillas, elephants and countless monkeys, we visited with the new komodo dragon siblings. Our Spartan safari was highlighted by watching the sea lion and penguin feedings before heading back going past the Bison Range, Tiger Mountain, polar bear, snow leopard, and lions.

See photos from our Bronx Zoo Tour.