President’s Message

Posted by admin | May 02, 2011


Welcome to our MSU alumni club’s new website, the home for Spartan events and connections for the Greater New York area; our other electronic connections with the Big Apple area Spartan family include our Facebook page, our LinkedIn group, our e-mail newsletter and our Twitter feed. But the real life of our club is when we come together for events.

The MSU Alumni Club of Greater New York represents Michigan State University in our nation’s largest metropolitan area and the world’s greatest city.  We are part of the Michigan State University Alumni Association, and our mission is to keep us connected with all things Spartan and to keep MSU connected with us. Our programs include Spartan social, athletic and cultural events, fostering membership in the MSUAA, recruitment of MSU students, career networking and other assistance for alumni, and partnering with MSU in its academic and development related activities in the Tri-State area.

We have over fifty events every year including the annual wine tasting dinner for the benefit of our endowed scholarship fund for MSU students from this area and our annual picnic in Central Park to which we invite our families and newly accepted MSU students and their families as well. We have food, history and architecture walking tours of NYC neighborhoods; visits to the magnificent cultural institutions based here; group trips to hear MSU musicians at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and jazz venues; young alumni networking and social gatherings; outings to see visiting Detroit professional teams take on one of the nine pro teams in our area; our own amateur athletic teams; all-Big Ten events including a summer happy hour to which visiting interns are invited and annual community service events; group ticket purchases when MSU varsity teams play in our area; and of course watch parties for football and basketball games along with pre-football game tailgate picnics in Central Park.

The Spartans at our events range from current students all the way to alumni who graduated before those students’ parents were born! We’ve brought together Spartans to be friends, roommates, colleagues in their careers, and even spouses. When you come to a watch party and get to meet a baby whose parents met at that same bar, well, you understand that we mean it when we say that we are the Gotham City version of Spartan family—and we hope you’ll join us if you haven’t already!

Go Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

Spartanly yours,

Greg Hauser, President, MSU Alumni Club of Greater New York