NY Area Spartan of the Week: Rob Farley

Posted by admin | May 05, 2011

Rob Farley 

A few Spartan questions for Rob Farley:

Q: What was your major at MSU and what year did you graduate?
A: What was your major at MSU and what year did you graduate?1) I graduated in Dec 1998 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering

Q: What are you doing now for work?
A: I work for a boutique equity research firm, Wolfe Trahan & Co. I was in research at Bear Stearns up until they blew up in 2008 and we started our own firm. I got into finance after reading stories of the big events through the 1980’s and 90’s; I just never realized I’d have such a front row seat for the latest events.

Q: Where do you live?A: I now live in Connecticut with my wife Megan and work in mid-town, but I used to live in Murray Hill.

Q: Favorite NYC restaurant?
A: Chinese Free Wine. I think the actual name is The Cottage, but I’ve never referred to it as anything but “Chinese Free Wine.” It’s a cheap Chinese restaurant by Union Square on 16th and Irving that gives out free wine with your meal. Keep in mind this is not good wine, but when we were right out of school and had just moved here any place with free drinks was always at the top of our list. Lately you have to fight with them to get your free wine so it’s more out of nostalgia that we go, but I’ve had many of my best nights in the city start at Chinese Free Wine.

Q: What is best part of living in the NY area?
A: There’s always something different going on and never a chance to get bored.

Q: What is best part of being a Spartan in New York?
A: NYC makes being a Spartan easy. There are so many other Spartans here and ways to be involved even though we’re nearly 1,000 miles away from campus it makes it hard to not stay in touch with the University. I know there are great alumni clubs in other sections of the country, but NYC’s makes it feel like being back on campus sometimes. I’d even travel down here from Hartford when I lived there, in order to catch games with other alums.

A: If you could invite 3 people from any time who were associated with Michigan State to dinner who would they be?
A: My grandparents, who met at MAC before it was MSU, but who each passed away while I was at State. And Jim Cash, turn and burn.