NY Area Spartan of the Week: Eric Rabaskas

Posted by admin | September 11, 2011

NY Area Spartan of the Week: Eric Rabaskas 

A few Spartan questions for Eric Rabaskas:

Q: What was your major at MSU and what year did you graduate?
A: I graduated from MSU in 1980 with a BA Accounting.

Q: What are you doing now for work?
A: I manage equity-based investment portfolios with a privately-held wealth management firm in Westport, CT. After 5 years as a CPA in the Chicago corporate world, I changed careers and have been in the markets for the past 25. It’s been quite a ride and I’d do it all over again.

Q: Where do you live?
A: Wilton, CT with my wife of 15 years, Liz, who is also a lifetime member of the MSU Alumni Association.

Q: Favorite NYC restaurant?
A: I have 2 favorite restaurants in NYC: The Palm and wherever the next annual MSU Winetasting Dinner is to be held. The Palm is a good basic steakhouse. Tradition, old school, I like that.

Q: What is best part of living in the NY area?
A: Living in Connecticut can really spoil an NYC Area Spartan. Where we live in CT looks and feels like Michigan, however NYC is literally only 45 minutes by train or car. Kind of the best of both worlds.

Q: What is best part of being a Spartan in New York?
A: The NYC group is a great collection of intelligent, warm and nice people that truly enjoy spending time together. The thing we all share, MSU, is a very powerful thing.

Q: If you could invite 3 people from any time who were associated with Michigan State to dinner who would they be?
A: The people that I would most like to have dinner with include Biggie Munn, Eli Broad and Lou Anna K. Simon.

Biggie Munn, in order to really understand how he catapulted MSU into the arena of big-time college athletics. Strengthening the relationship with Notre Dame and giving scholarships to minority athletes who Southern schools, at that time and era, refused to, man did he have vision!

Eli Broad, whose incredible career rode the crest of American growth for 50 years. His current perspective would be invaluable in knowing how to approach the next several decades. Forget Warren Buffet, I’ll talk with Eli any day!

Lou Anna K. Simon, one of the most exceptional leaders I can recall observing. In my opinion, her focus in channeling MSU’s resources and capabilities, during difficult economic times, is nothing short of remarkable. She is a true asset to MSU and deserves every ounce of respect she gets.