Intramural Sports

Want to build camaraderie with local Spartans? Why not play intramural sports! Bowling, dodgeball and kickball are among our most popular IM sports. We make it easy for you to participate by partnering with ZogSports, a co-ed social sports league that offers something for everyone all year-round. ZogSports tries to create two or more divisions for each league—Players, Sort-of-Players, Casual and Extremely Casual—so all skill levels can enjoy. Through Play For Your Cause, each team can embrace their altruistic side by designating a charity that they play for during the season.

ZogSports Activities
Basketball, Bowling, Dodgeball, Football, Hockey, Kickball, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Wiffle ball

Basketball: spring, summer, fall, winter
Get more touches on the ball and just as much exercise in a co-ed or men’s 3-on-3 hoops team.

Bowling: spring, summer, fall, winter
Join us as we roll down the lanes and throw back some drinks in this fun and casual league.

Dodgeball: spring, fall, winter
Duck! Get ready to wing those balls as hard as you can and relive those gym class memories on a Dodgeball team.

Football: spring, summer, fall, winter
The 8-on-8 league is 2-hand touch and kept exciting with special rules about mandatory female participation.

Hockey: spring, fall, winter